1. The best darn summer corn salad evah!!!

    How was your 4th?  Mine was a whirlwind trip to Atlanta and back and while there, I had a fabulous meal (meant for grilling) that was re-created indoors due to the nasty storms.  This particular corn salad was only slightly adapted from the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe and is super tasty, easy to prepare and uses ingredients that you most likely already have on hand in your pantry.  Since corn is in season and in abundance, you should have no problem loading up on the sweet yellow and white ears for just a buck or two.  Do yourself a favor and run to the nearest Farmer’s market or to your favorite grocery store for the freshest ears you can buy.

    We had all the ingredients with the exception of fresh basil so we substituted dry, however there’s no doubt that a fresh bunch torn and thrown in would have been the flavor changer in the end.  Even so, it turned out to be a winner-winner all the way around.  

    Not to mention all the fun of being together and cooking, but we had a *shucking* great time!